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At Appliance Repair Broken Arrow we have professional technicians who can come out and fix your broken dishwasher. Often times if it’s an emergency we can schedule you in the same day.

Your dishwasher is an amazing appliance that can save you large amounts of time. It works by mixing hot water and a cleaning solution into a very effective cocktail. This cocktail is then sprayed against the dishes, which helps to get rid of food and other yucky slimy things. The dirty water is then pumped out and the process repeats itself. After that is completed the dishwasher will either let the dishes drip dry or blow a fan from the top to help speed up the evaporation process.

So many people just throw out there dishwasher with the first sign of problems when in actuality a dishwasher a minimum parts. Don’t throw out your dishwasher until you give the guys at Appliance Repair Broken Arrow a call!

Common Dishwasher Appliance Repairs

Timer: The timer is the power source which tells the dishwasher how you would like your dishes cleaned. It tells the dishwasher what to do and when to do it in other words. If your dishwasher is misbehaving we usually start with the timer. There are two different styles of timers one being a mechanical and the other a solid-state.

Selector Switch: The selector switch is in the same area as the timer but controls which components receive more power over the other ones, for example the popular air/ dry option. This is the techie / nerdy part of the dishwasher as it deals with a circuit board. If you’re having problems with the selector it may be your circuit board that needs to be replaced.

Fill Valve: It work’s by opening an automatic solenoid gate which allows the water to enter the tub.

Soap Dispenser: This part is critical because a soap dispenser is what gets that cleaning solution to mix with the water which turns it into that cocktail we were talking about earlier. The soap dispenser is connected to the timer. So if you’re having problems with the soap not getting to the water will need to check the timer.

Float Switch: The only thing I would worry about the float switch is if there’s a fork or some other utensil that feel down in between the float, aka the inverted cup. This will cause the dishwasher to think it’s full so it won’t fill up with water.

Dishwasher Motor Repair: Out of all repairs it seems like the motor is the one part that needs to be replaced or serviced after a while. Don’t let that scare you though majority of dishwasher motor’s are easy to repair. The motor turns electrical energy into motion which gets those dishes cleaned. Then we have the reversing motor which has a bunch of blades. This motor is the one that cuts and chops food partials into little tiny pieces so they can empty through the draining tube.

​Now we just talked about some parts that make up a dishwasher and what can happen if they stop working. If you think there is something wrong with your dishwasher please give Broken Arrow Appliance Repair service a call so we can come out and take a look. Sometimes we might even be able to fix the problem yourself.

If you have any questions feel free to give us a call at 918-992-4531 or fill out the form on the side and one of our technicians will be a hold of you shortly.